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Custom Designed RF Filters for Military, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Telemetry and More.

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Style of our surface mount technology

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High Precision Custom RF FIlters

Bree Engineering custom product lines include a broad range of both performance characteristics and unique applications.

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RF Microwave Filter Manufacturer

Since 1999, Bree Engineering has been satisfying customers by supplying custom RF Microwave filters, multiplexers and related components with excellent performance in small sizes and innovative configurations. We design to your specifications. All parts are built to order, and special requests are welcomed! We also have special lines of surface mount package designs for lumped element filters which offer excellent performance, delivery, and competitive pricing. We are proud to service Commercial, Industrial and Defense markets.

All products are developed, built and tested at our facility in San Marcos, California. Bree Engineering supports small prototype requirements, and, as well, we have supported sustained large production runs exceeding 10,000 filters shipped per week. Let us assist with your next filter requirement. We have very fast response time for all quote requests, and we can help in the early stages of your custom rf microwave filters design with accurate, reliable design simulations showing what will really be achievable in production.

Bree Engineering also offers a complete line of cavity and lumped element filters in configurations with connectors and pins. Please contact our technical sales representative for additional electrical and mechanical requirements.

We have been featured in many industry publications including Wireless Design Magazine and others.

Bree Engineering Corporation was founded in 1999 and is a manufacturer of custom electronic filters, multiplexers, filter banks and other related types of components in the frequency range of custom rf microwave filters0.1 MHz to 40 GHz.  Contact  Bree Engineering for specific applications, Bree Engineering designs include Chebychev, Bessel, Butterworth, Gaussian, Transitional, Elliptic-Function and Pseudo-Elliptic-Function filters. In addition to Lumped Element designs, Bree Engineering also produces Cavity designs (Combline or Interdigital) and Ceramic Resonator designs.

All products are built to your specifications, so if you need a surface mount device or one with connectors, high or low power handling, or optimized for price or any specification parameter you need, we will tell you what is achievable, and explain all of the trade-offs involved so you can make very well-informed decisions.

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