Cavity Filters 0 – 40 GHz

The passive components available in the Bree Engineering custom product lines include a broad range of both performance characteristics and unique applications. Cavity Filters are typically used to make bandpass filters with improved performance. The typical interdigital/combline filter can properly increase the passband insertion loss and rejection points to specifications that are difficult for lumped element technology to achieve. Bree Engineering utilizes our 20 years of experience to properly design and manufacture Cavity Filters. We are able to prototype and assess what to expect when it comes to the applicable performance of Cavity Filter designs. One of the more difficult aspects of interdigital/combline filter production is the physical dimensions and making sure that the simulated designs can properly be translated to the physical component.

Bree Engineering can efficiently design and produce Cavity Filters for any application, and we will gladly do our best to provide a quality product to our customers.
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Interdigital Cavity Filter - SMA Connectors


Interdigital Cavity Filter

This cavity filter uses parallel coupled line resonators to achieve excellent bandpass response.

Passband: 5150 – 8960 MHz

Cavity Combline Filter - Bandpass Filter


Miniature Cavity Combline Filter

This cavity filter combines high performance with a small foot print.

Passband: 3650 – 4030 MHz

Cavity Combline RF Filter


Cavity – Combline Filter

Bree Engineering’s 7 section high Q filter at 1.7 GHz. Utilizes a specific type of Cavity filter known as a Combline filter. One of the benefits of a combline filter lies within its ability to maintain consistently low loss, and tight rejection skirts.

Passband: 1701 – 1719 MHz

Cavity Combline RF Filter - Image Reject


Cavity – Combline Filter (Image Reject)

Bree Engineering model number 800552 is a 4 section high Q combline filter at 1.4 GHz.

Passband: 1350 – 1450 MHz