Diplexer – 802820

Multiplexer – Diplexer

This Bree Engineering RF diplexer exhibits low insertion loss, high return loss, and high rejection across the specific frequencies on both channels. The Diplexer contains a high pass from common to Channel 2 with a Lowpass from common to Channel 1. The combined response allows for consistent Return Loss to be greater than 17 dB across the lowpass passband. The high pass passband extends out to 14 GHz with some trade-offs in return loss and insertion loss as the filter increases into the higher frequencies above 6 GHz. The response of the RF Diplexer allows for low insertion loss to be less than 0.5 dBa below 6 GHz and less than 1.0 dBa from 6 GHz to 14 GHz. This Diplexer can also sustain rejection to be greater than 40 dBc through the entire diplexer, while being greater than 50 and 60 dBc at certain frequency ranges.

Package Size: 1.50 x 1.00 x 0.40 Inches

Configuration: SMA-F

Channel 1

Insertion Loss: <0.5 dBa 698 MHz to 915 MHz

Return Loss: >17.0 dB 698 MHz to 915 MHz

Rejection: >50 dBc 1396 MHz to 3660 MHz

Rejection: >40 dBc 4120 MHz to 14000 MHz

Channel 2

Insertion Loss: <0.5 dBa 1396 MHz to 6000 MHz

Insertion Loss: <1.0 dBa 6000 MHz to 14000 MHz

Return Loss: >17.0 dB 1396 MHz to 6000 MHz

Return Loss: >10.0 dB 6000 MHz to 14000 MHz

Rejection: >60 dBc 698 MHz to 915 MHz

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