High Frequency Diplexer

High Frequency Multiplexer – Diplexer

This Bree Engineering RF diplexer operates at high frequency with a lowpass cutoff at 9 GHz and a high pass cutoff at 12 GHz. The performance of the filter holds low insertion loss across a wide band for both passbands. The VSWR is 1.5:1 throughout the lower passband and for the first portion of the upper passband. When the high pass passband reaches about 22 GHz there is a minor drop off in VSWR stability. The overall performance of this filter is extremely promising for segregating frequency bands.

Here at Bree Engineering we create custom RF Filters that allows us to provide high quality products to our customers. Being able to provide custom filters allows us to adjust this filters performance to meet specific requirements. With the addition of 5G frequency bands being offered up to 7.1 GHz this filter covers that on the low side passband and the attenuation carries itself out to the 3rd and 4th harmonics. The upper end of 5G frequencies 24-27 GHz are also covered in this filter. This particular filter covers a wide range of possibilities for testing and verification along with the potential of customization. Please feel free to reach out to Bree Engineering if there is a filter application that you would like or if there are any questions.

Package Size: 1.20x 1.00 x 0.40 Inches

Configuration: 2.92mm or SMA-F (up to 26 GHz)

Channel 1

Insertion Loss: <1.25 dBa DC to 9000 MHz

Return Loss: >14.0 dB DC to 9000 MHz

Rejection: >40 dBc 12000 to 27000 MHz

Channel 2

Insertion Loss: <1.5 dBa 12000 MHz to 22,000 MHz

Insertion Loss: <2.5 dBa 22,000 MHz to 27,000 MHz

Return Loss: >14.0 dB 12000 MHz to 22,000 MHz

Return Loss: >12.0 dB 22,000 MHz to 27,000 MHz

Rejection: >50 dBc DC to 9000 MHz

Please feel free to reach out to us at Bree Engineering with any questions or comments regarding any of our custom filters and we will be happy to answer them.