Lowpass – High Power Filter – 803921

Lowpass High Power FilterLowpass – High Power Filter

There can be many uses for lowpass filters, some of which can be for lower frequency or they can be supplemental in the system to assist other filters. Lowpass Filters can also be used as stand alone device depending on the desired specifications.

This particular lowpass filter was relatively low in frequency ranging from 0 – 220 MHz passband with a rejection point location at 300 MHz. This lowpass filter also required power handling of 200 Watts which required special attention in the design phase of. The overall performance of the filter is very consistent with less than 1 dB of insertion loss across the passband and greater than 14 dB of return loss.

As with all of our Filters here at Bree Engineering the design is custom and tailored to the specifications of our clients. We are always striving to do our best to design, build and tune filters of any type.

Please see the attached Filter Test Data for the performance of the filter.

Package Size: 3.50 x 0.60 x 0.70 Inches

Configuration: SMA-F

Insertion Loss:

<1.0 dBa DC – 220 MHz

Return Loss:

>14 dB DC – 220 MHz


>70 dBc 300 MHz

Outline Drawing.pdf
Test Data Sheet.pdf