RF Asymmetrical Filter Bank

Asymmetrical RF Filter BankAsymmetrical RF Filter Bank

800095 – 800097
This bank of three filters utilizes a non-symmetrical skirt selectivity response to minimize size and costs while maximizing specialized custom requirements. The RF filter bank covers the 950 to 3150 MHz range in three bands each just under one octave. This type of coverage is ideal for switching filter requirements. Passband flatness is less than 1 dBc, insertion loss at band edge range from less than 1.5 dBa in the lower bands and 2.5 dBa at the higher bands. Upper skirt selectivity’s are optimized for 50 dBc minimum at 1.08 times the upper passband. Lower skirts are not critical in this application allowing the filters to be optimized for size and costs. Size for each of the three filters is 1.86 x .42 x .30. Input/outputs are .017 diameter pins mounted into a .20 wide stepped boss.

Test Data Sheet 800095.pdf
Test Data Sheet 800096.pdf
Test Data Sheet 800097.pdf
Outline Drawing for part number 800095-97.pdf