RF Broadband Filter Bank

RF Broadband filter bankRF Broadband Filter Bank

800300 – 800302
This bank of three filters utilizes a broadband filter synthesis technique to realize highly selective filtering for the 1.7 GHz IF band. Typical passband range from 25 to 40 percent, bandpass flatness is less than 1.0 dBc and 2.0 nSc. Passband VSWR is better than 1.5:1.0. Skirt selectivity is greater than 35 dBc at 1.06 times the passband edge. Size for each of the three filters is 1.75 x .50 x .25 Inputs/outputs are .017 diameter pins.

Test Data Sheet, 800300, pdf
Test Data Sheet, 800301, pdf
Test Data Sheet, 800302, pdf
Outline Drawing, pdf