High Pass Filter – High Power – 803926

Lowpass FilterHigh Pass – High Power Filter

Part number 803926 is a standard high pass filter with a cutoff at 500 MHz maintaining its passband out to 1400 MHz. This high pass filter also has its isolation close to the passband providing 70 dB of rejection 360 MHz and below. The main design behind this particular high pass filter is the High Power Rating required. This filter required a 200 Watt operating power and this type of requirement leads to some physical design and hardware changes that make this filter unique.

As with all of our Filters here at Bree Engineering the design is custom and tailored to the specifications of our clients. We are always striving to do our best to design, build and tune filters of any type.

Please see the attached Filter Test Data for the performance of the filter.

Package Size: 2.50 x 0.65 x 0.50 Inches

Configuration: SMA-F CONNECTORS

Insertion Loss:

<1.0 dBa 1240 to 1400 MHz

Return Loss:

>14 dB 1240 to 1400 MHz


>70 dBc 820 MHz

Power Rating ( CW )

200 Watts

Outline Drawing.pdf
Test Data Sheet.pdf